Alatskivi (0 km) – Kallaste – Mustvee (35 km) – Torma (49 km) – Laiuse – Palamuse (81 km) – Luua – Elistvere (97 km)Route 206 was created during the Tour de LatEst project, when the main route no. 6 and the additional route no. 230 by Lake Võrtsjärv were developed.

Starting from the beautiful castle and lake of Alatskivi, head to Kallaste. Here you will see a nice high shore and a number of important sights for Russian Old Believers living on the Estonian shores of Lake Peipus, such as the Kallaste Old Believers’ Prayer House. On the way to the village of Omedu, visit the historic Kodavere Church and, if you wish, take a look at the border outpost on the shore of the lake. A continuous village – a famous 7 km long street village – runs from Omedu to Mustvee, which is one of the centres of the Old Believers, as well as a port and a fishing town.

The next major destination is Torma, with preserved manor houses and several memorial stones erected for cultural figures of the time, including the Estonian writer Carl Robert Jakobson, whose hometown was nearby. From there, ride along the Jõgeva-Mustvee road to Laiuse. On the way you will also pass the ruins of the Laiuse castle.
From Laiuse ride along the nice paved road to Kuremaa, where there is a Classicist manor house as well as a park, beach and sports facility. By the way, the road from Laiuse to Kuremaa is one of the most beautiful in this area. Driving along the beautiful avenue road, you will have magnificent views from the hillside. There is also an old mill right nearby.
The next destination, Palamuse, is extremely important for those who know Estonian culture, because it is the location of the immortal works of the writer Oskar Luts and has a recently renewed museum.

All that is left now is the last part of the route, the ride through Luua to Elistvere. Along the way you will see the children’s amusement park Vudila and Elistvere animal park – one of the favourite places of nature lovers. Both the beginning of the route in Alatskivi and now in Elistvere, the route connects to Route 6 and you can continue on to that one if you wish.
The route is easier in terms of road conditions, although impressive in length. Almost the entire route runs only on paved roads; cycling paths have only been built in Torma and Luua.
It is wisest to start the journey either at the end points of the route in Alatskivi or Elistvere, but, if you wish, you can also start from Mustvee, Torma or Palamuse, for example. By train, you will arrive 5 km from the route in Kaarepere station. Tabivere is the same distance away from Elistvere.