Põltsamaa’s stone fortress was constructed on the banks of the river in 1272. Between 1570 and 1578, the fortress was the residence of Livonia’s King Magnus. Repeatedly pillaged, the castle was rebuilt by Woldemar Johann von Lauw in the 18th century as a grand rococo-style palace. The castle, and the church built into its cannon tower, burnt down in 1941. The church was restored by 1952, and the castle ruins came under preservation in the 1970s.
Did you know…? – The forecourt of the castle hosts open-air events. The round courtyard holds a tourist information point and the Põltsamaa Museum, a wine cellar with a food museum, the pART Gallery, clay and handicraft workshops, and the castle’s restaurant.
Take a look at the aerial panorama (picture by Joel Tammet).


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Asukoht Lossi tänav 1, Põltsamaa linn, Põltsamaa vald


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