Kodavere (0,0 km) – Saare (33,8 km) – Mustvee (53,5 km) – Raja (60,2 km) – Kodavere (78 km)
The jewel of Jõgeva County is Vooremaa, but tourists can find many more exciting places to visit here, such as Lake Peipus. Route 205 mainly introduces the coast of Lake Peipus and the Kaiu Lake District located in Jõgeva County. First, from Kodavere Church near Lake Peipus head toward Pala and the Kaiu lake district. The journey runs along a pleasant paved road, first between fields, later between forests. The villages and towns of the area are also rather lovely.
In order to reach the Jõemõisa-Kaiu lake district, you have to ride on sandy forest roads for a few kilometres, but the surroundings are beautiful, there are pleasant RMK resting areas by the lakes and the nature trails allow you to discover the nature.
After a 3 km section on the highway, turn toward Saare, where you can find the museum and adventure park of the hero of the Estonian national epic Kalevipoeg, as well as the famous Kääpa River known from the national epic.
This is followed by a slightly longer section until you reach the gardening city of Mustvee. Mustvee is one of the centres of the Old Believers, as well as a port and a fishing town. From Mustvee, you’ll continue riding along the shores of Lake Peipus and pass through a unique 7 km long street village, where most of the houses are located right by the road. After the village of Omedu, the settlement becomes thinner and there is nothing else to do than to ride to the final destination of the trip in Kodavere.
The route runs on flat land, mostly on paved roads (there are about 12 km of gravel roads in total), and in some places, cycling paths have been built (about 10 km in total). The route is not very difficult to complete.

We recommend starting your trip from Kodavere, Pala, Saare or Mustvee. You cannot get to the area by train.