Palamuse (0 km) – Saare manor (11.3 km) – Voore (19.4 km) – Palamuse (37 km)

The routes going through Jõgeva County are mainly focused on Vooremaa, a beautiful area with landforms created by the Ice Age which is characterised by elongated teardrop-shaped hills – drumlins – and lakes between them. There are a number of cultural and natural historical sites here, the centre of which is Palamuse. 

Route 201 goes up the Kabelimäe hill in Palamuse towards Kudina and Saare. Ride past the Kudina manor and you will reach the partially preserved Saare manor, where there is a small petting zoo and herb garden. A beautiful linden avenue leads down to the valley by Lake Saarjärv, where a small RMK camping site is located.

Going from Saare to Voore, you’ll first be cycling along a gravel road. Nearby is Roela Hill Fort – one of the many resting places of the hero of the Estonian national epic Kalevipoeg. You will be approaching Voore along an asphalt road with nice views. Voore has a park and a castle tower, as well as a lovely holiday centre.

All the routes in Jõgeva County are equipped with signs for cyclists. From Voore to Palamus, the trail runs on a fairly smooth asphalt road.
The route is not very difficult to complete. Gravel roads cover only a little over 5 km, the rest is asphalt and there is not too much traffic.

It’s good to start the trip from either Palamuse or Voore. You can reach this route by train from the Kaarepere station which is only 5 km away.