Recreation area/picnic ground

Lake Kamari recreation area

Lake Kamari recreation area has become an extremely popular destination among holiday-makers for its beautiful views and forests. There are two jetties, areas for beach volleyball and football, a shower and toilets, benches and a playground for small children with swings and a slide. The swimming area is marked by buoys and there is also a children's pool.

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Aruküla hill recreation area

There is a lovely recreation area on Aruküla hill in Kaarepere which is perfect for families, friends, and larger groups. There is a playground with swings and a slide, especially loved by younger children. You can rest under the shelter or on benches or your own picnic blanket. Barbecue facilities are also available on site. Visitors can also play disc golf (there is a rental point). The Struve Geodetic Arc is also located in the recreation area. The view of Vooremaa from the hill is magnificent and there is plenty of room for camping.

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Permanent exhibition “Lake Peipus Living Room”

Lake Peipus Living Room is a permanent exhibition that gives visitors information about the natural conditions in Lake Peipus and the lives of people living by the lake. You can see models of the 34 species of fish that inhabit Lake Peipus. There is also a three-dimensional model of the lake that is 4 m long and 1.4 m wide and also shows the location of the towns and villages, accommodation establishments, museums, watchtowers and other places of interest near the lake. The Mustvee beach by Lake Peipus is marked with a yellow National Geographic window; it is one of [...]

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Pajusi manor

Pajusi manor was constructed in the 17th century. Its long, stone main building in Classicist style is thought to have been erected in the early 19th century. It was one-storey; only the central section was adorned with a small upper floor, which bears a distinct decorative window. In addition to the main building, the manor as a whole includes a number of other buildings and a large park. Did you know...? *Remaining of the main building of the manor are its central part and right-hand wing, which is home to Pajusi Community Centre

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Koseveski Holiday Centre

Koseveski Holiday Centre is surrounded by breathtaking scenery of Lake Kose in Saare Rural Municipality, Jõgeva County. The holiday centre is perfect for birthdays, weddings, summer retreats, seminars and other events. The centre has beds for 31. You can rent the entire centre or just the sauna and its lounge – whatever fits your needs. You can have fun relaxing or enjoy the outdoors in more active ways – canoeing on the river, cycling, fishing, etc.

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Study trail of the Männikjärv bog

The Männikjärv bog study trail is located within the Endla landscape protection area of Jõgeva County. Beginning and ending in Tooma, the walking trail is marked by blue-streaked trees and runs for 7.3 km. The trail takes about 2 hours to complete. A high observation tower, standing 7 m tall, provides a beautiful view of the entire Männikjärv bog.  Did you know... When the water is high, some parts of the bog may be impassable. If you want to stay at Männikjärv, organize a public event for more than 20 people or if you want to drive on all-terrain vehicle, you [...]

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Kärde Peace House

Kärde Peace House is a small hut on the southwestern edge of Kärde Manor Park. It is said that the peace treaty between Russia and Sweden was signed here in 1661. The Peace House is open all year round and every day.

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Boutique Villa Mamelfa

Villa Mamelfa offers guests authentic luxury accommodation in the home of a true Old Believer. The villa is located in Tiheda village by Lake Peipus, offering a unique experience in this area. We offer a real and rare experience to feel the essence of the culture of the Old Believers with icons, samovars, cooked sugar, and the Ivan Chai tea.Come with family or friends and spend a pleasant visit in a village near Lake Peipus!

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Luua Manor Park

Luua Manor Park is located in Vooremaa Landscape Protection Area in Jõgeva County. The main building of the Luua manor complex with its ancillary buildings and park are protected under heritage conservation. The park has been protected since 1959. Its area is 19.7 hectares. The park is extremely rich in species. It has about 150 taxa of trees and bushes; about 110 of them are alien species. The park is a home to protected bats: northern bats, Daubenton's bats, brown long-eared bats, Brandt' bats or whiskered bats, pond bats, Nathusius's pipistrelles, common noctules, common pipistrelles, and tawny owls.

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Rose Island in Põltsamaa

Põltsamaa is known as the city of bridges, parks, roses, and wines. Roosisaar (the Rose Island), which is located in the centre of Põltsamaa, was designed in 2001. There are 2,000 roses, a gazebo, walkways, and lighting. Before the Second World War, the island was the centre of the city: there were a lot of businesses on the island and it was called the Goods Island. The Rose Island offers a magnificent view of the Põltsamaa River and the fish ladder. It is also a great location for photographers. Be sure to visit the Rose Garden in Põltsamaa as well.

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