WakePark is located on Lake Kamari in Põltsamaa municipality.
WPark has a total of 16 different track elements (kickers, sliders, etc.). The ring cable moves clockwise and is open for everyone, from beginners to advanced visitors.
In addition, WakePark has a water town with trampolines, a recreation area with a café and saunas, beach soccer, tennis, and volleyball courts, and equipment rental. Estonia’s first full-size cable park with a 2.0 system, a modern administrative building, a cosy café, and everything else is only a 5-minute detour from the Tallinn–Tartu highway.
Come and see!


Mobiil +372 56222304
E-mail info@wpark.ee
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wpark.ee
Asukoht Väike-Kamari küla, Põltsamaa vald


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