Palamuse (0 km) – Kuremaa (7.8 km) – Torma (31.9 km) – Voore (47 km) – Palamuse (66 km)There are a number of cultural and natural historical sites in Jõgeva County, the centre of which is .

From Palamuse, the route leads you along a pleasant asphalt road to Kuremaa, where you can see a Classicist manor house, as well as a park, beach and a sports facility. Then you will pass through Soomevere to Laiusevälja, where the ruins of Laiuse Castle are located. From there, ride along the Jõgeva-Mustvee highway to Torma, where the manor buildings and the church have been preserved and several memorial stones have been erected to former Estonian cultural figures, including the 19th century Estonian public figure and writer Carl Robert Jakobson, whose hometown was nearby.
Before arriving at Voore, you will also see the Torma post office, which also has a proud history. Voore has a park and a castle tower, but also a lovely holiday centre. From Voore to Palamus, the trail runs on a fairly smooth asphalt road.
The route is relatively long, but the level of difficulty is on the lower side as there is only about 16 km of gravel roads. There are also shorter sections of cycling paths, but for the most part, you’ll have to ride on the highway. Only the Laiuse-Torma section has a slightly higher traffic intensity.

It’s best to start the trip from Palamuse, Kuremaa, Torma or Voore. You can reach this route by train from the Kaarepere station which is only 5 km from Palamuse.