Tammeluha hiking trail

The 11 points of the hiking trail introduce the surrounding lakes, lake floodplains (which are rather rare in Estonia) and their biota, the higher area Pedassaar, located between the flood plains, and the forest communities and the mighty Emamänd pine tree. You can get to Pedassaare via a 0.6 km boardwalk built from the wood of a larch from Siberia. There are lovely campfire sites (Tammeluha and Jõemõisa) and resting places with a roof on the hiking trail.  

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RMK Jõemõisa hiking trail

RMK Jõemõisa hiking trail is located in the RMK Tartu-Jõgeda Recreation Area. The hiking trail starts from the Jõemõisa campfire site and runs for 0.5 km. The trail takes you through the forest and is suitable for a nice walk. When walking the trail you can see different species of trees and plants, and if you are lucky, you can also spot a wild animal or bird, especially if you walk quietly and take your time.If you wish, you can continue on to the 3-kilometre Tammeluha hiking trail. Jõemõisa campfire site has a sitting area and grill rack, if you [...]

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Study trail of the Männikjärv bog

The Männikjärv bog study trail is located within the Endla landscape protection area of Jõgeva County. Beginning and ending in Tooma, the walking trail is marked by blue-streaked trees and runs for 7.3 km. The trail takes about 2 hours to complete. A high observation tower, standing 7 m tall, provides a beautiful view of the entire Männikjärv bog.  Did you know... When the water is high, some parts of the bog may be impassable. If you want to stay at Männikjärv, organize a public event for more than 20 people or if you want to drive on all-terrain vehicle, you [...]

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RMK Lake Endla hiking trail

The Lake Endla hiking trail starts at the information board located in Kärde village and ends at Tooma by the Centre of Endla Nature Reserve. It takes an average of 3-4 hours to walk the trail. Before reaching Tooma, the trail joins the Männikjärve bog study trail. The trail takes you through the forest and bog on boardwalks, thus the change of landscape is versatile and interesting. During flooding, the trail may partially be underwater and some parts of the forest may be quite muddy. Therefore it is recommended to choose footwear suitable for the time of year.The trail is [...]

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Kirna hiking trail

Kirna’s 6.8 km study trail provides a good opportunity to explore the Pedja River meadows and forest. To gain a better view of the meadows and river, the Altmetsa Farm has an observation tower. A suspension bridge helps to cross the river. On the right bank of the Pedja River, you will find the magnificent oak tree Musutamm. The trails of wild boars and beavers can also be seen on the study trail. While on the trail, you might hear gunfire as the Kirna Training Centre of the Defence League is close by. The access roads to the meadows intersect the [...]

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Kuningamäe health trails

Kuningamäe health trails are waiting for you in Põltsamaa, Central Estonia! Three marked trails are open for runners, walkers, and cyclists: 1.1, 1.5, and 5 km. At the beginning of the trail, there is a health trail map, a stretching wall, a bike rack, and a parking area for cars. There is also the Kuningamäe Disc Golf Park. In winter, lighted ski trails are open on Kuningamäe.

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Tour – the 18 bridges in Põltsamaa

Põltsamaa is known for its bridges, parks, roses, and wines. There are 19 bridges in the small town that cross the Põltsamaa River, connect the banks with river islands, or cross the moat. The newest is the Church Hill (Parvei) Bridge – a suspension bridge built in 2006 at a former bridge location. Four bridges cross the river and only one of them (Great Bridge) can be crossed by car. In 2013, the Great Bridge dam was renovated and a modern fish ladder was built there (it has been called the construction of the century in Põltsamaa). The tour can [...]

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Saare Lake study trail

The 3.5 km trail introduces different forest communities. It can be accessed from the parking lot at the beginning of the trail or the Sihi and Papi campfire sites. The trail runs along boardwalks and paths of varied landscape. It also passes the burial ground of the Manteuffel family and a complex monitoring station. You can camp and make a fire under a cover at the Sihi and Papi campfire sites. The trail is suitable for visitors of all ages, as it is interesting and educational.

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Overnight canoe trip on the Alam-Pedja rivers

We will discover the rivers of Pedja, Pede, and Emajõgi. In addition to the canoeing, you can enjoy the nature, listen to the birds singing, and fish!The main part of the trip is along the Pedja River which meanders through unpopulated areas, swamps, bogs, and forests. We will start from Jüriküla near Puurmani and end the next day in the evening at approximately 6 p.m. near Palupõhja or the Kärevere bridge on the Tallinn–Tartu highway. The length of the route is about 35–40 km. We will spend the night in tents and cook food together. More information about the equipment needed [...]

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Snowshoe hike in Endla bog

Come and enjoy nature and fresh air in Endla bog. Our guide will take you to the bog landscape with snowshoes which is inaccessible by boardwalk. We will explore the bog and nature depending on the season while telling stories and legends, listening to the sounds of birds, and watching the animals.A bog trip is a great way to spend quality time with your family, group of friends, or colleagues.

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