A small fish and farm shop on the shore of Lake Peipus offers a wide range of smoked and fresh fish and fish products to its customers. In addition, we sell vegetables from local farmers and products made from them.
We bake rye bread and make homemade pies. We also sell tap beer, homemade kali (a traditional fermented beverage), coffee and tea. We believe that food must be local, fresh, and make its eater feel good.
There is a parking lot nearby and a hard-paved road from where fishing enthusiasts can safely launch their boat.
You can enjoy the beauty of Lake Peipus on the beach.


Telefon +372 5161008
Mobiil +372 51984777
E-mail siirakutalu@gmail.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/siirakutalu/
Asukoht Omedu küla, Mustvee vald


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