Põltsamaa is known as the city of bridges, parks, roses, and wines.
Roosisaar (the Rose Island), which is located in the centre of Põltsamaa, was designed in 2001. There are 2,000 roses, a gazebo, walkways, and lighting. Before the Second World War, the island was the centre of the city: there were a lot of businesses on the island and it was called the Goods Island.
The Rose Island offers a magnificent view of the Põltsamaa River and the fish ladder. It is also a great location for photographers.
Be sure to visit the Rose Garden in Põltsamaa as well.


Telefon +372 7751390
E-mail turism@poltsamaa.ee
Asukoht Kesk tänav, Põltsamaa linn, Põltsamaa vald


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