Nõmme Holiday Farm is located in the Tammispää village in Mustvee municipality, privately in a forest near Lake Peipsi. The holiday farm is an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city or to just take a break. It’s especially suitable for relaxing with family and friends. 

The house has a total of four bedrooms, three family rooms and larger room with 6 single beds. There are 14 beds in total, plus 2 children’s beds and 2 cribs. The main house has a cosy kitchen with everything you need and a lounge with a fireplace. Additionally, you can rent the sauna house and/or the hot tub on the shore of the pond.

NB! When you come visit us, neither the car nor the driver should be afraid of village, field and forest roads.


Mobiil +372 5231908
E-mail sirle.tomson@mail.ee
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NommePuhketalu/
Asukoht Tammispää küla, Mustvee vald


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