Lake Peipsi and Lake Võrtsjärv are the two largest inland lakes in Estonia, connected by the Emajõgi River.
The inland waters adventure, which further emphasises the importance of the two lakes and the Emajõgi River, allows you to get acquainted with the local life, traditions, culture and tastes. The festival offers the opportunity to take rides on various watercraft, participate in exciting workshops, and enjoy concerts.
The festival is led by historic ships – lodi (low wooden cargo ship) on the Lake Peipsi and kale (traditional wooden trawler) on Lake Võrtsjärv.
Come on foot, by bike, by car or by your own boat.


Toimumise kuupäev 08.07.2021
Mobiil +372 5298561
Asukoht Tamme küla, Elva vald


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