Nature observation and guided hikes

Personal snowshoe hike at Endla Nature Reserve

The picturesque Männikjärve bog is one of the most traditional Estonian bogs and offers everything that a bog has to offer. During the snowshoe hike, we will visit many bog pools (perfect for a nice swim), explore the diverse biota, and discuss the past, present, and future of bogs. Depending on the season, we can pick cloudberries or cranberries. We will also climb an observation tower, located in the middle of the bog, which offers a wonderful view of the Männikjärve bog. If you wish, we can also go further to Endla Lake. NB! Transport from Tartu and a guide [...]

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Winter snowshoe hike in Männikjärve bog

The winter snowshoe hike takes the participants to discover Männikjärve bog in the Endla Nature Reserve. The purpose of the hike is to look for bog pools buried under the snow and explore Männikjärv and Endla lakes. In the middle of the hike, we will make a stop by the lake – we will tell stories, drink tea, and make pancakes on the campfire! In addition to the traditional monthly hikes, MTÜ Elamusretked offers the opportunity to order memorable trips all over Estonia! Wherever you are – we will help you find an adventure!

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