Nature vacation

Endla Nature Reserve

Endla Nature Reserve, established in 1985, covers Jõgeva, Järva and Lääne-Viru Counties. Its puprose is to preserve bogs and springs, flora and fauna.
You can go hiking on Männikjärve hiking trail to have magnificent views to the bog area and enjoy silence together with sounds of nature.

Põltsamaa Rose Garden

The rose garden exhibits 5000 rose plants and almost 1000 different rose varieties. During the excursion visitors will see various rose varieties, and they will learn about their history and legends and other interesting facts. Roses mostly bloom from the middle of June to the middle of September, depending on the weather.

Luua Arboretum

Luua Arboretum exhibits about 500 species and forms of trees and bushes. The arboretum was founded based on the principles of botanical geography with the departments for plants from Europe, Siberia, Central Asia, the Far East and North America.

Kassinurme fort and sacred grove

The Kassinurme ancient area was established 7000 years ago and the fort 2000 years ago. A fragment of the ancient fort has been restored. At present the sacred grove is the favourite place for history enthusiasts who organise ancient war games there, revive old folk customs and celebrate folk calendar holidays. The health trail lets visitors see the varied nature of the region and enjoy beautiful surface forms.