Family vacation

Sarapiku farm Corn labyrinth

Sarapiku Farm awaits guests to solve the game hidden in the corn jungle and take part in other activities put up at the yard that test their cleverness and skills.
In the corn labyrinth you have to find six check points with a map. The corn has grown to the size of a person, there are many converging paths in the jungle and finally you have to find the exit.

The Son of Kalev's chamber: museum and adventure park

Kalevipoeg's Home consists of the Kalevipoeg Museum, a treasure chamber, the Krati adventure park and a nature school. The museum provides an overview of the folk-tales and places related to Kalevipoeg, as well as the history and sites of the region. The adventure park gives everyone the chance to put themselves to the test between land and sky!

Palamuse O. Luts's Parish School Museum

Palamuse parish school building and the living quarters for the parish clerk Georg Nieländer were completed in 1837 and the school was open there until 1975. A museum has been open there from 5 January 1987 and it displays the life of a parish school at the end of the 19th century through Oskar Luts’s Spring.

Jõgewa Museum and Jerjomin Glass Studio

Jõgewa Museum displays historical items that are mostly connected to the history of Jõgeva County; the general title of the exhibition is 'Jõgeva County's Local History 1900–1945'. A particularly interesting section of the exhibition features weapons used during WWII. Good to know: schools can organize history lessons on the museum premises.

Go-karting track of Kuningamäe

The Kuningamäe go-karting track is situated just outside of Põltsamaa. It is a competition track, but can also be used by amateurs and enthusiasts. It is a relatively fast track, with an average speed of more than 60 km per hour. It is 850 metres long, with two straights, fast curves and technically complex S-curves. If the number of people wanting to use the track is greater than the number it will allow, those off the track can watch events from the monitors in the track-side box.

Vudila Playland

Vudila Playland has a large water park with slides and pools, a barrel sauna, swings, climbing frames, trampolines, skyjump, electric cars, ATV and buggy tracks, rowboats, water wheels, a large playroom, etc. Vudila Playland also offers dining and trout fishing. In December, Vudila turns into a Christmas Theme Park; during the second half of the winter, it hosts Vudila Hõbekala – a festival devoted to families and fish.